I am Carlos Delgado.

If you read my post for Nachos Grande Contest Round 4, you read about Carlos Delgado's spiral into hobby addiction.

In reality, that was an allegory of where I am hobby-wise.

I have decided that I am getting out, completely. I'm selling off everything.

I do not want to discourage anyone else.  If you have the resources (time, money, etc) it is a fantastic hobby.

My life is changing. I've found that with one daughter getting married and the other planning to be a missionary in a distant country, my focus is more on family and people and less on my hobbies and alone time.  I desire more family and people time and that is where I want to spend my money and my time.

To you guys who have become my friends (I'm pretty sure you know who you are!) I still love cards and the hobby, but as I said my focus and priorities are shifting. (Maybe I'm getting old.) To any of you that want to maintain our cyber-friendship, I'm all for it! Please don't hesitate to email me and tell me what's up!

Thank you to all and happy collecting!