Box Break #4 - Bidding Closed

The 2012 Heritage release date is scheduled for March 15th, 2012.  Our box break will take place shortly thereafter. 

Stay tuned!

Any "no team" cards will be randomized based on total dollars bid by person. Multiplayer cards will be given to the player/team on the top of the card. If there are multiple players shown on the top, then the player on the top-left is the representative for that card.

BIDDING is now CLOSED.  If you are high bidder on one or more teams, please make paypal payment to klbrewster90 at gmail. com for the total amount of your high bids.


Nothing is ever "normal" over here at the JABO blog.  I'm offering up FOUR boxes for the next box break, INCLUDING: 2012 Heritage, 2011 Bowman Platinum, 2007 UD SP, and 2004 Fleer Platinum (WARNING: THIS PRODUCT MAY INCLUDE EXPIRED REDEMPTIONS!).

Now the abnormal part. Instead of signing-up for teams, I'm going to ask you all to bid on your teams.  Once the total of the high bids (for all teams in aggregate) reaches my goal (the cost to cover the boxes and shipping), the bidding will close and high bidders will win their teams.
Minimum bidding increments of $1 (no raising a bid by a penny or fifty cents). When the total threshold is reached, I will make a "last call" and everyone will have 24 hours to offer any final bids.


A's - PiratesTreasureRoom $8 PAID
Angels - Derek $6 PAID
Astros - Dimwit $8 PAID
Blue Jays - Kyle4KC $25 PAID
Indians - Jason $8 PAID
Mariners - Padrographs $8 PAID
Orioles - RyanH $8 PAID
Rangers - PlayatthePlate $8 PAID
Rays - Kyle4KC $25 PAID
Red Sox - MattPerry $12 PAID
Royals - EricL $8 PAID
Tigers - DutchCardGuy $9 PAID
Twins - Kary $9 PAID
White Sox - JeffLaws $5 PAID
Yankees - DutchCardGuy $12 PAID

Braves - Derek $14 PAID
Brewers - Kary $9 PAID
Cardinals - PlayatthePlate $8 PAID
Cubs - Cardanathema $8 PAID
Diamondbacks - Kyle4KC $25 PAID
Dodgers - Spiegel83 $10 PAID
Giants - Ross $15 PAID
Marlins - Kyle4KC $25 PAID
Mets - Spankee $6 PAID
Nationals - Daddyohoho $9 PAID
Padres - Padrographs $5 PAID
Phillies - Daddyohoho $10 PAID
Pirates - PiratesTreasureRoom $12 PAID
Reds - FanOfReds $8 PAID
Rockies - Hiflew $10 PAID

And thank you to our SPONSOR!